About us

As an architect and skilled chef, we love to offer travellers from all over the world a great stay in Hamburg. We have travelled a lot and still travel a lot around the world and let our experiences flow into the holiday flats.

What drives us? The beauty of this vibrant city on the River Elbe and the opportunity to give our guests an authentic Hamburg experience. From the picturesque Speicherstadt to the lively streets of St Pauli, we know Hamburg and are happy to share insider tips so that our guests can enjoy the city to the full. Our holiday flats are more than just accommodation; they are retreats where our guests can feel at home. Each flat is lovingly furnished and equipped with amenities that offer comfort and convenience. And our commitment goes beyond the stay - we are available to our guests throughout their visit to ensure that their stay is a great experience.

Welcome to Hamburg, welcome to URBAN STAY!

Your hosts, Anke-Doreen Heinze & Ulf Wenig